I was just kinda reflecting on Meowth when this idea came up. This isn't supposed to be canon to anything (and that explanation of why Meowth knows English is the explanation/guess I've seen on a few pages), just a little thing to let me get inside Meowth's head. To give more of a feel for the character, I tried to write this like Meowth would speak it with that gangster accent of his.

Meowth's Tale
by Alyssa

You guys know me. I'm a Pokemon, and my name starts with 'M'. Dat's right, I'm Meowth, da little cat with a gold coin on his head. Da insignificant little Pokemon. Ya know what it's like to be lonely? I mean really, truly, you're-da-only-one-in-da-world lonely? If you don't, den you better hope you never feel dat way. It's what I live in, an' it ain't fun.

Sure, you all know I can speak English, it sets me apart from other Pokemon, I'm special, I'm rare, blah blah blah. Well, dere's times I wish a human word never made it outta my mouth. I'm da only talkin' Meowth, an' I only know about *one* other talkin' Pokemon, an' dat Gastly musta been *old*, *an'* he'd been masqueradin' as a human every summer, so dat just goes to show.

Ya know? Da other day, I overheard a coupl'a trainers talkin' about Cubone, how it's such a lonely Pokemon, how they want one so they can comfort it, yada yada. Hell, at least Cubone, rare as it is, ain't an outcast from da rest of its kind! I learned English to try an' get de attention of a girl Meowth I'd been admirin', and what happened? Da whole stupid group cast me out!

Den came Giovanni. Dat's when I thought dat my life might take a turn for da better. He was impressed dat I could talk, so he made me his purrsonal pet (pun intended). But I'm still lonely, 'cause guess what? Even Giovanni don't like me anymore. He ditched me for a Persian! Just 'cause I got stuck with a coupl'a morons who can't do anything right, their failures are my fault, so I'm an inferior being, so da *one* person I thought I could depend on dumps me? Life ain't kind to Meowth.

Sometimes I think I just wasn't cut out ta be a Pokemon. Sometimes I wonder if I should'a been human. Dat'd solve everything, wouldn't it? Humans don't get cast out for learnin' a new language. Humans don't get ditched for higha evolutions of 'emselves 'cause dere partners can't do anything right. Yeah, bein' human would solve all my problems.

But the hard fact is: I was born a Meowth, I'm livin' a Meowth, I'm gonna die a Meowth. I ain't lookin' for sympathy here, I just had ta get dis off my chest.

But try an' remember dis next time ya see da loudmouthed little cat on your screen.

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